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January 5, 2015

The Importance of a Clean Office


Although some people may be able to concentrate in a dirty, disorganised office you should never underestimate the importance of a clean office. Many factors support the fact that your employees will work better in a clean office.

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Firstly, you will find that if an office is cleaned your employees are more likely to keep it relatively tidy. This will help to improve productivity as they will not be constantly hunting around for things.

A clean and tidy office is less likely to have an unpleasant odour in the air. Again this can help with staff concentration as they will not spend time discussing what it might be.

Clean tidy offices also lead the people who work there to be more presentable themselves as a natural progression. Who wants to wear their nice clothes somewhere dirty anyway?

When an office is clean it is proven to reduce the amount of sickness. There are a number of people working in a fairly contained area so any sickness can be easily passed from person to person. It's a great way to reduce sick building syndrome!

One of the quickest ways to transport germs is on a telephone which can harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch. (This can be reduced with the use of hands free devices but not all employees are comfortable wearing them). Keyboards and computer mice are other culprits harbouring up to 3,295 and 1,676 per square inch respectively. To put this into perspective, the average toilet seat contains around 49 microbes per square inch. (Data taken from a survey from the University of Arizona).

Choosing to employ the services of a contract cleaning company is a positive way to go as they understand the importance of a clean office and will undertake the work to be scheduled at your frequency and convenience.

Professional office cleaners will remove any waste and use green friendly chemicals to clean your desks (including telephone, screens, keypads, mouse etc). They will also pay attention to the finer details as they understand that not only is a clean office a better working environment but it is also a meeting point for your customers and the first impression they get can make a massive impact.

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