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December 29, 2014

Cleaning the Meeting Room


The majority of businesses over a certain size will have a meeting room or board room. Cleaning the meeting room is not something that should be done without having perfection in mind. Absolutely everything needs to receive adequate attention.

Most people pay close attention to the reception areas to create a good first impression and that close attention should not be compromised when cleaning the meeting room. All meetings are held round a table and it goes without saying that the table should be clean and free from dust but more than that it should be polished and not display any fingerprints. The chairs around the table should also be cleaned weekly and in the event of a spillage should be cleaned as quickly as possible. If the chairs are leather covered then they should be cleaned accordingly and treated with leather cleaner at regular intervals.

The carpet in the meeting room needs to be clean and kept smelling fresh so it does not emit a displeasing odour during meetings. The primary purpose of the room is to close deals and impress your guests so attention to detail is paramount. Professional office cleaners would advise you of this.

The blinds or curtains in the room need to be kept in good condition. The rails or gliders should be kept clean so when the blinds are manoeuvred for shade purposes the movement can be made silently. It would be awful if the movement let out a screech, not very impressing at all.

Any crockery used during meetings should not display and discolouration or chips at all and glasses should be clean and free from finger prints. ACS Cleaning offer a prestigious service and believe that cleaning the meeting room is every bit as important as the cleanliness of the rest of the offices.

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