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May 17, 2012

Create the right impression of your business


There are many benefits to having a clean office and one of the major ones is it will create the right impression of your company to old, existing and potential clients.



Have you ever walked to your office from a few buildings away and looked at your office/building as if you were a client? Maybe you might find it useful to do just that.

1)      Start two or three buildings away and compare how the outside of the building looks in comparison with the other buildings in the street.

2)      Take a look at your company signage. Is it clean and easily visible (i.e. not covered by trees or shrubbery)?

3)      If the door is not automatic take a look at the door handle, is it clean? There would be nothing worse than a client or potential client putting their hand onto a sticky residue left on the door handle. That would not give the right first impression at all and they wouldn’t have even made it through the door!

4)      Is your reception area odourless and clean? Are the chairs free from stains? Are the waste bins full?

5)      As you make your way from the reception area to your office, are the floor coverings clean and dust free? Do all the light bulbs work or do any of them need replacing?

6)      Do any frames that may be on the wall need cleaning and are they hanging straight?

7)      When you enter your office is it clean?

8)      Has your waste bin been emptied recently?

9)      Does your office have a clean and fresh odour or can you still smell what you ate for lunch at your desk yesterday?

10)   Do all the light bulbs work on your office and are the light shades clean and bug free?


It is in your company’s best interests for you to complete this type of inspection from time to time. After all, you do want to give the right impression. However, would you have the time to complete this kind of inspection daily? Not only for you but for others using the offices as well? If you don’t have the time for this but have the need then you should enlist the services of a reputable office cleaning company. A good company will have dedicated staff in your area and will clean your office on a daily or weekly basis as directed by you. All of the above check list and more will be completed every single time they are on your premises giving you peace of mind that your office will be giving the right first impression to your customers.


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