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April 26, 2012

ABC After Building Cleaning


A.B.C. is a term we have given to after building cleaning. As we all know whenever there has been building works there is inevitably extra cleaning required. However tidy the contractors have been, there is always extra to clear and clean away. Building works are stressful from start to finish, staff will be dispersed to different areas, furniture and appliances have to be moved or stored and in amongst all the chaos the company still has to function.

ACS Office Cleaning - Builders Cleans

Once the works have been completed then along comes the free for all when the office needs to be restored and fully functional within the quickest time frame. Before the furniture and appliances are brought back this is the ideal time for your A.B.C. (after building cleaning). Ideally you would give your cleaning contractor a reasonable amount of notice that you will be requiring this service. They will take an expected date for the service but will also understand that there may be a delay for a day or two. Giving your cleaning contractor the right notice will allow them to deploy staff and equipment accordingly.

By having the A.B.C. service, you will reduce any fumes that may be left from the building works, you will reduce the amount of dust particles in the air and you will have ensured that the workplace is as healthy a place as possible for your returning staff.

Obviously you will want to show the new building works is the most favourable light so the after building cleaning will leave your premises looking stunning and this will reflect in any media shots that are taken. It’s only natural to want to showcase your new working environment to its best advantage. As cleaning contractors we have a standard checklist that we work to and we are more than happy to adapt it for our customers’ specific needs.

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