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February 5, 2012

Regular Cleaning of Soft Furnishings

To keep them looking great you need regular cleaning of soft furnishings. With regular cleaning your soft furnishings can easily look quite neglected! You might find that staff will be willing to empty the bins or wash the cups but how often have you seen them vacuum the chairs in reception or the rest of the office for that matter.

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Are the chairs in the meeting room steam cleaned or vacuumed each week or at regular intervals? Wouldn’t you agree that the appearance of the chairs would be so much nicer? How many hours are the chairs used before they are cleaned? If there is something spilt on the upholstery is it then cleaned at the earliest opportunity?

When you think about it, the majority of office chairs are moved to clean where they are rather than being cleaned as well. Regular cleaning of soft furnishings means regular cleaning of all soft furnishings. This is when it is advisable to hire professional office cleaners.

Curtains and blinds collect a lot of dust particles and also can collect a lot of the dust and muck that can come in when the windows are open. They will look fantastic if they receive regular attention and they will not take the amount of time that a once a year clean would! You will find that your vacuum should have a specific nozzle for using on fabrics such as curtains. Cleaning them in this manner once a week or once a fortnight will reduce the amount of times they need to be taken to the dry cleaners and ultimately reduce the amount of times they have to be replaced. Therefore not only does regular cleaning of soft furnishing enhance your office appearance it also saves you money in the long run.

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